The Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation scholarships and  programs are financed by contributions from Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, individuals and various foundations. Now, there are many new ways for clubs to raise funds and awareness of HRYF through Amazon, Foodland and many other ideas.  Additionally, donations can be made directly through your Rotary Club representative or made directly to the Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation, located at 3536 Harding Ave., Honolulu, HI 96816.

For all Rotary Club HRYF or Youth representatives, a sample speech for you to use at your clubs and meetings can be found in the right panel.

To donate now, CLICK HERE or the Donate bubble below:

Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation (HRYF) is participating in Give Aloha, Foodland’s Annual Community Matching Gifts Program.  Find out more about the program and donate at your local Foodland store in September only.

Did you know that when you shop on throughout the year that a portion of your purchase could go to Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation?


Ideas for Rotary Clubs to raise funds and awareness for HRYF

  1. Take the Mid-Week (on Oahu) or any newspaper ad to your club to talk about all the amazing young people we help (copies available from HRYF office)
  2. Do Happy Dollars once a month for HRYF, or a special HRYF fundraiser once a year
  3. Invite your club scholar to the club meeting, present the certificate and let them say a few words
  4. Invite scholars back next summer to report on their college experience
  5. Rotate members on the scholarship interview team to get more members knowledgeable about the benefits
  6. Show your club’s giving (even if it is embarrassing), express the need for more financial support from Rotarians (average giving is around $36 per Rotarian). We need it to rise to $40 per Rotarian per year.

Consider setting that as a Club goal.

  1. Put a line item on your Dues statement for giving to HRYF (as an easy option). Get a sample from the HRYF office or from the website.
  2. Use Foodland’s “Give Aloha” drive to talk about HRYF (September).

Best time to give to HRYF due to the approximately 20% match!

  1. Use our Score cards at meetings and talk about HRYF history
  2. Get an HRYF student from UH to speak to your club (get names and numbers from the HRYF office). Or have an HRYF Board member speak to your club.
  3. When you do a community event, put out a box for donations to HRYF.
  4. Do your Amazon shopping through and enter Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation. HRYF will get a donation equal to 0.5% of the cost of your eligible purchases!

If you have a GREAT idea that isn’t listed, please share it with us.

Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation